Top 10 Healthy snacks on the go

Tempting as it is to reach for the pre-packaged sugary snacks, I like to offer the girls some healthy alternatives. I have pulled together my Top 10 healthy snacks to eat on that go that needs little or no preparation at all.

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Top 10 Tips for finding an affordable summer holiday

It can be a bit of financial shock when your first born starts school. Suddenly your holiday window is reduced to the same 6 weeks as everyone else and prices seem astronomical. Take a look at out Top 10 tips for finding an affordable summer holiday.

Top 10 Ways to fit exercise into your busy week

We are so busy rushing between school, nursery, after school clubs and work that we often forget to take care of ourselves and fit exercise into our lives. Take a look at my Top 10 Ways to fit exercise into your busy week if you need some inspiration.


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Whilst I love research and creating Top 10 lists I don't pretend to be an expert. For that reason every now and then I will inviting experts to create their Top 10 lists. Expect to see guest posts from nutritionists, travel experts and event organisers on The Parent Express soon.