For my daughter’s fifth birthday we held a beach themed birthday party. We played beach party games, we devoured a ‘fish cupcake‘ cake and each guest went home with a colourful party bag crammed with fun Beach Party Bag Fillers.

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Unusually we gave out party bags at the beginning of the party. The party bags were empty and each child ‘won’ a prize after joining in a game. Five-year-olds often don’t like losing so this ensured that everyone was a winner and that everyone took part. This technique worked really well. Everyone got involved, even those who don’t normally enjoy playing group games.

Below I list the Beach Party Bag Fillers that I bought. I sourced these from both Baker Ross and Party Pieces which seemed to have a good range of products at the right price. I have included the cost of each gift and at the bottom of the post you can see the total cost. Buying party bag fillers for 24 kids means that costs can add up quickly so it’s good to keep an eye on how much you are spending.

Party Bags

One of the first games on arrival was to decorate your own party bag. I, therefore, specifically wanted some plain, yet colourful party bags. I found these assorted party bags from Baker Ross which were vibrant and robust plus they had a rope handle so they were easy to carry from one game to the next. They cost £9.60 for 24 (or £2.50 for six). I wrote the children’s names on them (in advance) so they didn’t lose them – which they still managed to do, on several occasions!

Beach party party bags | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

The first task was to decorate them using felt tips (which we already had) and some seaside themed stickers. I bought two sorts;  Seaside foam stickers which cost £1.49 for 120 stickers along with some Tropical Fish foam stickers which were slightly more expensive at £2.85 for 100.

Tropical fish foam stickers | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total cost for 24 guests: £13.94

Make your own shell friendship bracelet

I bought some cute pastel coloured seaside beads, with some coloured elastic, popped it in a cellophane bag and sealed each bag with a strip of cardboard and some staples. These mini seaside beads cost £2.85 for 400. I gave each child 16 beads, which was enough to make one bracelet.  The coloured elastic cost £3.49 for 40 metres of four different colours. The cellophane bags cost £0.69 for 30 bags.

Seaside Friendship Bracelet | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total Cost for 24 guests: £7.03


These novelty sunglasses come in four colours in two different designs, stars and hearts. A pack of 24 sunglasses from Baker Ross cost £11.04 for 24 or £1.95 for four.

Novelty kids sunglasses | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total Cost for 24 guests: £11.04

Scratch Art

I remember these fondly as a child so I was excited to discover that not only are they are still around but they are also available in a vintage beach theme. These beach themed scratch art cards cost £2.99 for a pack of six. Each picture comes with a scratch tool. Six assorted designs. Bear in mind that these are quite large, 21cm x 15cm so ensure that they fit in your party bag. They did fit in our party bags, but only just.

Beach scene scratch art | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total Cost for 24 guests: £11.96

Tropical Fish Suncatchers

These acrylic tropical fish suncatchers can be coloured in with felt tips and hung in the window. There are six different fish designs. They cost £2.99 for six or £14.10 for 30.

Tropical Fish Suncatchers | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total Cost for 24 guests: £11.96

Flip Flop Notepads

These colourful little flip flop shaped notepads from Party Pieces, in spotty, striped or floral designs were such a bargain. They cost just £1.99 for a pack of 12.

Flip flop notebooks | Beach Party Bag Fillers | The Parent Express

Total Cost for 24 guests: £3.98

Total Cost of the Party Bags

The total cost of the bags, stickers, cellophane bags and five gifts was £59.91 which equated to £2.50 per guest. At my daughter’s request, I also gave each child a final gift of Haribo’s as they left, which completed their party bag. No beach theme for this last gift but if you can think of one, then please do let me know. She felt that a party bag is not a party bag unless it contains something sugary!

Over to you

Have you found any other fun but good value for money Beach Party Bag Fillers that you would like to share? If so, please comment below.

If you are planning a beach themed party then be sure to check out my Beach Party Themed Games post or if you need inspiration for a cake then see my Fish Cupcake blog post. This cake was super easy to make and went down well the kids. In fact, so well, that there was none left for the grown ups.

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