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Christmas shopping in our household normally involves spending six weeks of dithering about what to get the kids for Christmas, only for me to leave the actual present buying to the last minute. All my good ideas end up being shared with family members, who also need present ideas for the kids. Then I am back to square one. So I pull together a brand new list, only to find that the wonderful things I want to buy, sold out weeks ago. Is this ringing true with anyone else?

Online shopping all the way

I often don't have time to go to the shops, so I do it all online. I spend hours hunting down online toy stores that offer next day delivery or I head to my stalwart, Amazon. Thank you Amazon Prime - you have rescued me on several occasions.

A new me

This year, it's going to be different. I am going to be super prepared.  And I am starting with the Christmas stocking fillers.

I am not a fan of the crappy gifts that make their way into the stores in time for Christmas, only for them to be played with on Christmas Day and never again. You know the ones I mean! I like toys that are good value for money that also have longevity.

I have scoured the shops, browsed the internet, done some testing whilst on playdates in order to bring you my Top 50 Christmas Stocking Fillers.

Everything on this list costs less than £10 and is aimed at kids aged three to seven years old. So along with the obligatory chocolate coins, clementines and novelty socks take some inspiration from this list. And if you are looking for quirky socks ideas then I really love these Space and Unicorn socks from good old M&S.

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Top 50 Stocking Fillers for under £10

  1. Paw Patrol playing cards: £1, The Entertainer. Introduce the kids to a game of cards using their favourite characters from Paw Patrol.
  2. Garden compass: £1.95, Tickety-Boo. Children will love learning about orientation with these small but colourful wooden compasses.
  3. Marvel Avengers digital watch: £2, The Entertainer
  4. Rub down Enchanted Castle transfers: £2.95, Tickety-Boo. Fun, rub down transfers available in different themes (pirates, alien encounter, football, farmyard and fairy cake). Includes transfers, fold-out background scene and a simple how to draw guide. Great for long journeys.
  5. Finding Dory 'Let's Speak Whale' voice changer: £3.60, The Entertainer. Speak to Dory and she will play your recording back to you in 'whale' language. A sturdy, fun toy for all Finding Nemo fans.
  6. Kaleidoscope: £3.95, Dotcom Gift Shop. A traditional fun kaleidoscope. Available in four different designs - circus print, astronomy, colourful creatures and monsters of the world.
  7. Secret agent message kit: £3.95, Dotcom Gift Shop. A decoding set for two secret agents. Includes decoder pads, decoder filters, pencil set and instructions.
  8. Pick up sticks game: £3.95, Dotcom Gift Shop.
  9. Mood Ring: from £4, Best Mood Ring. This company sell children's mood rings in lots of different shapes from a simple oval shape to butterflies, hearts and dolphins. They also offer free delivery for new customers on their first order.
  10. Scratch and Doodle mania: £4, Hobbycraft. A 64-page activity book where you use a stylus to create pictures by scratching to reveal fun colours beneath the black-coated paper.
  11. Hair chalk: £4, Smiggle. Add a splash of pink to your child's hair with these hair chalks. Don't worry - it's temporary and washes out easily.
  12. Mokuru: £4.50, Amazon. The latest fidget toy. This beautifully designed Japanese one is made of beech and is weighted at each end. It can be flipped, tossed and spun, either on its own or with others. Comes in seven different colours. Fun and addictive. See this Youtube clip to see it in action. Prices vary depending on colour.
  13. Djeco Origami Big Animals: £4.95, Bird Kids. Includes 16 sheets of decorative origami  paper plus instructions on how to make eight different animals.
  14. Star Wars Top Trumps:£4.98, Amazon.  Available in many different themes.
  15. Snoball Battle Pack: £4.99, Amazon. This award-winning toy enables you to create your own white Christmas with this clever snowball pack. Simply mix the magic (non-irritant and stain-free) powder with water to make 15 snowballs. Fun for kids and grown-ups alike.
  16. 50 Gel Pens: £5, Hobbycraft. Incredible value for money with this set of non-toxic gel pens in a range of metallics, neons and pastel colours. The only problem is that it may not fit in your stocking.
  17. Swallow necklace: £4.59, Tickety-Boo. A well designed, pretty, wooden, blue necklace which comes complete in a gorgeous keepsake box.
  18. Mash a Monster game: £4.99, Amazon. A monster game where you need to mash-a-monster with your thumb when it lights up.  You need to have 15 successful 'mashes'  before moving on to a higher level. With each game it increases through three levels of play, features wacky sounds and flashing lights.
  19. Hatchimal Colleggtibles: £4.99, Amazon. These little eggs hatch (after a lot of rubbing and stroking) and then you can use the egg as a nest. Over 70 to collect. The little brother and sister of one of the best selling Christmas toys of 2016.  This is a pack of two. Alternatively, you can buy an individual egg for £2.99.
  20. Porcelain Black & White Batman mug: £4.99, Hennes.  For an added touch, fill with a pack of mini marshmallows and drinking chocolate. Matching plate and bowl also available.
  21. Robot Factory: £5, Tickety-Boo. Create and colour your own robot with this great misfit style activity book.
  22. Liquid Lava: £5, The Entertainer. This limited edition, colour changing putty can be stretched, squished or oozed through your fingers.  You can even break it up and stick it back together again.
  23. Design your own Yo-Yo and learn the tricks: £5, Marks and Spencer. Includes two yo-yo's, stickers for decorating and a 16-page how-to booklet containing 12 tricks.
  24. Dragon stencils: £5.45, Tickety-Boo. A set of five dragon stencils. Also available in horse, dance and fairy stencil themes. Add a pencil and pencil sharpener to ensure it can be used straight away.
  25. Waboba Lava Ball: £5.56, Amazon. A black ball with a yellow crack. Watch the crack change colour in the sun.  Did I mention that it also bounces REALLY REALLY high?  Hours of fun.
  26. Traditional tiddlywinks: £5.95, Dotcom Gift Shop. A great traditional game for all the family. It comes in a clever, retro box which converts into the game board plus it has a snazzy plastic catching cup in the centre. Very addictive.
  27. Make your own 3D Paper Dragon model: £5.95, Bird Kids. A great introduction to origami.  Once complete, it can be hung from the ceiling for all to admire.
  28. Faux fur earmuffs: £5.99, Hennes. Available in white, pink or if you are looking for something quirky, they also have a black cat version.
  29. Funtime Memory Maze: £5.99, Amazon A fun memory game where you to remember a sequence of colours and lights.
  30. 3D drawing pad and glasses: £5.99, Mulberry Bush Draw on the special pad, put on the 3D glasses and see your drawings seemingly float off the page.
  31. Army soldiers with bag: £5.99, Mulberry Bush. Classic 32 piece army soldiers in various poses in robust green plastic. Comes with a drawstring bag
  32. Fizzy bath tints: £5.99, Mulberry Bush These fun fizzing tablets turn the water red, yellow or blue. Each pot contains 30 tablets. Non-toxic so safe for skin, eyes and bathtub.
  33. Juggling balls: £6, Marks and Spencer. Includes three juggling balls and juggling instructions for beginners.
  34. Knitting doll: £6, John Lewis. A 1950's style french knitting toy that comes in a box with wool and a needle.
  35. Spiral Art: £6 (currently reduced from £12), ELC. This brilliant retro stencil toy brings back fond memories of my beloved Spirograph. For a fraction of the price. Create amazing shapes and patterns in minutes.
  36. Boys retro-stripe pom beanie: £6, Next. Available in red, blue & green.
  37. Batman projector torch: £6.50, Paperchase. A fun pocket-sized torch that projects the bat symbol.
  38. Butterfly Mosaics: £6.95, Tickety-Boo. Add sparkly square mosaics to butterfly themed backgrounds. Includes two cards to decorate and seven pages of sparkly mosaics. Also available in elephant, dinosaur and bird themes.
  39. Explorer Head Torch: £6.99, Mulberry Bush. Hands-free LED torch with adjustable head straps for exploring in the dark or night-time reading.
  40. Lace lights: £6.99, Mulberry Bush. Attach these lights to your shoelaces and watch them light up with every step you take. Available in red or blue.
  41. Personalised postcards: £6.99, Mulberry Bush. These postcards come in a pack of 12 and are a great way to encourage your kids to write their thank you letters. You simply choose the theme, the colour and the name and they will arrive in 14 days.
  42. Colour changing Unicorn mood light:. £7.99, Mulberry Bush. Perfect for the child who is not quite ready to sleep in the dark.
  43. Unicorn scented pens: £8, Paperchase. A set of eight fruity pens for all unicorn lovers. Available in melon, blueberry, cherry, lemon, apple, peach, grape, orange, chocolate and mint.
  44. Mermaid tail jotter: £8.50, Smiggle. This two-tone sequin encrusted notebook is the prettiest notebook out there. Perfect for the budding writer.
  45. Hello Kitty snack box: £8.50, Paperchase. Set of four Hello Kitty inspired snack boxes. You don't have to use them for food - my girls use them to store their hair grips and all those microscopic Sylvanian family bits and pieces.
  46. 2 x 2 Rubix cube:£8.99, Amazon. The classic game with a twist as this one is 2 x 2 rather than the standard 3 x 3 which makes it easier for kids of this age.
  47. Colour changing scented nail polish: £9, John Lewis. Includes four coloured, scented nail polishes that change colour with heat. Scented varnishes include sweet peach, vanilla cream, mint ice, and cherry blossom.
  48. Personalised brushed metal Marvel pencil tin: £9, Tesco. Each tin has a Marvel character etched on it plus you can personalise it with your child's name. Also available in other designs (Beauty & the Beast, Disney Princess and Star Wars).
  49. Stop Watch: £9.99, Brightminds. A chunky colourful stopwatch that you can hang around your neck. Perfect for kids that love timing things. Stopwatch displays minutes, seconds and 1/10 seconds. Available in three colours - blue, red and green.
  50. Dobble: £9.99, Amazon. The best selling game on Amazon.   Also available in a Star Wars version for £12.99


So there we have it. Hopefully, there are some things on this list that have inspired you. My eldest has already started dropping hints. At the top of her list is the mermaid tail jotter from Smiggle, which I secretly want for myself.

We are starting early this year as a way to spread the cost of Christmas. I am hoping this paves the way for a stress-free Christmas...

Who am I kidding?!

Top 50 Christmas Stocking Fillers | Fun stocking filler ideas that cost less than £10 | The Parent Express


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