When I think back to those early newborn days when I was sleep deprived, hormones were raging and I was chained to the sofa during an epic, but daily, four-hour cluster feed, the one thing that would perk me up was some good food and a riveting boxset.

After the birth of our second daughter, this involved watching Seasons 1 to 3 of Game of Thrones and dining on a diet of blue cheese and crackers. You see, what I really craved after giving birth was all those foods that I was told to avoid when pregnant. The unpasteurised cheese, the cured meats, pâtés and of course alcohol. Unfortunately, the joy of drinking bubbles was short-lived as I had to time it around the next feed, so my guilty pleasure became stuffing my face with Cambozola and Dorset Knobs every night.

When a close friend of mine recently announced the birth of her third child, I thought this girl needs a hamper full of all the food she hasn’t been able to eat for the last nine months. So I pulled together this Food hamper for a new mum:

The Parent Express - Food hamper for a new mum

I found an old picnic basket and lined it with pink tissue paper and then popped to the local supermarket and stocked up on lots of delicious things such as:

  • A selection of unpasteurised cheeses (Camembert, Danish Blue and Cambozola)
  • A selection of cured meats
  • Pâté
  • A bottle of wine/fizz (which we already had in the cellar)
  • Posh crackers
  • A posh chutney

Plus I threw in a few other bits and pieces to make life as a new mum a little smoother:

  • Posh chocolates
  • Tissues for when those hormones kick in and the tears start flowing
  • A trashy magazine (not baby related in any way) to while away the time whilst breastfeeding
  • Posh teabags (Pukka teas are beautifully packaged)
  • A bottle of coconut water (for rehydration for the breastfeeding mum)

All this (bar the hamper and wine) came to £22.89 including the tissue paper which I thought was a bargain. The hamper was really well received and I understand that both Mum and Dad have been tucking into the treats every night.

I wanted to share this idea with you all in case anyone was looking for inspiration as to what to buy a new mum. Of course, you can put anything you want in the hamper/box so tailor it to the recipient’s likes. Here are some other ideas:

Pamper box: Posh toiletries, wine, a magazine and chocolates.

Bookworm box: a good book, a magazine, posh teas, biscuits and chocolates.

Breastfeeding box: a thermos flask/water bottle, tissues, chocolates, magazine and Cook vouchers.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own box/hamper then check out the website, Don’t Buy Her Flowers, who will pull similar boxes together for you and post them directly to the recipient’s door. Packages start from £18.50.

And if you are looking for more ideas then check out my Top 10 Gifts for new mums.