Whilst it’s tempting to buy clothes or a soft toy as a gift for a new-born, other well-wishers will be thinking along the same lines. So to prevent the new parents ending up with a colony of Jellycat bunnies, buy something a little different from our Top 10 Gifts for a new baby below:

1. Star Baby Wraps

For: The practical parent

What: This is, without a doubt, our absolute favourite new-born baby gift. It’s a star shaped fleece wrap. No fiddly poppers, zips or buttons, you simply wrap the baby up and go. It even works with five point harness systems (ie. seatbelts in prams and car seats). Practical and cute. Genius. The hardest bit is deciding which of the many colours to plump for.

Where: Tuppence and Crumble

Price: £19.95

2. Hardback personalised book of nursery rhymes and modern poems

For: Keepsakes

What: A beautifully illustrated personalised nursery rhyme book. There are a plethora of personalised books available but what sets this apart from the rest is that it contains nursery rhymes as opposed to a story which is often too long for little ones. Plus amongst the classics there are some unusual rhymes and personalised poems. There is even an option to add a personalised message to page 1 of the book if you so desire.

Where: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Price: £19.99

3. Lovebird mobile

For: The vintage chic parents

What: We adore these Lovebirds handmade from vintage patchwork fabric mounted on driftwood branches. You can personalise them by choosing the colour or whether they face towards or away from each other. They also sell bird and owl mobiles in the same vintage driftwood style. Check out Etsy for a wide range of mobiles from paper mobiles (approx. £20) to incredible felted mobiles (approx. £45).

Where: TheHomeMakerUK (via Etsy)

Price: £24.50

4. A time capsule baby box

For: The sentimental parents

What: Fill a box with paraphernalia that captures what was happening in the world when the baby was born. For example; the newspaper from the day they were born, a current affairs magazine (The Economist, The Week), a fashion magazine (Vogue, Harpers Bazaar) and maybe even a copy of OK! Add a current CD, DVD and you are off to a good start. You might even have some of these lying about your home already so it could be a cheap but thoughtful gift to pull together. Pop it all in a box and write/stencil the child’s name and date of birth on the box.

Where: Home/Newsagent

Price: £10 to £20

Top 10 Gifts for a newborn
5. Djeco night light snow globe

For: Adding some magic to the nursery

What: A cute snow globe that transforms into a colourful night light at the flick of a switch. A small fan in the globe ensures that the glittering snow continuously moves around projecting pretty speckles on the wall. It also comes with a timer. Available in seven different designs.

Where: Tickety-Boo

Price: £33.95

6. A baby blanket

For: All parents

What: Blankets have longevity. Children can become particularly attached to their baby blanket so they will often use them throughout their childhood so a good quality blanket is a great investment.

Where: See our Top 10 baby blankets

Price: £20 plus

7. Personalised baby print 

For: The forgetful parent

What: A print personalised with the child’s name, date of birth, place of birth and weight. Parents will have no excuse for forgetting their child’s birthday again. There is a great selection on www.notonthehighstreet.com. Our favourites are below. Alternatively, if you are creative, make your own.

Where: Jungle monkey personalised print, dinosaur personalised print, birth flower personalised print

Price: From £16.99 (for the print only – frames will be extra)

8. Aden & Anais Muslins

For: Adding a bit of glamour to being sick

What: New parents will spend the next three months with a muslin permanently draped over their shoulder in anticipation for the next posset or dribble. They will have already bought some muslins but you can never have enough, so splash out and treat them to the best of the best with Aden & Anais ultra soft muslins with wonderful designs such as vintage circus animals, Winnie the Pooh or their newest collection of metallics.

Where: Aden & Anais

Price: £19.97

9. Wooden Letters 

For: Brightening up the nursery

What: Use these wooden letters to spell out the baby’s name. Our favourites are from Jo Jo Maman Bebe (£1.50 each) or if you want to be extravagant, then the Wooden Letter Company offers over 100 different types of colours and patterns (£5.50 each). We like Pastel Dinosaurs and Watercolour Woodland animals.

Where: Jo Jo Maman Bebe or The Wooden Letters Company

Price: From £1.50 per letter

10. Vouchers

For: The picky parents

What: A few weeks after the visits from well-wishers have dried up, new parents will have a much clearer idea of what they need, so a voucher is a great way for them to splash out on these missing items.

Where: Boden (for good quality clothes), John Lewis (for cute clothes and baby paraphernalia)

Price : £10 plus

Other worthy contenders:

Did you buy anything from this list for a new baby? Did it go down well? What is your favourite thing to buy a new-born?