There is a new mummy on the scene. Whilst it’s tempting to get flowers. Don’t.  She’ll forget to water them as she will have far more important things to concentrate on keeping alive. Let her employers send the flowers and concentrate on some more exciting and personal gifts in our Top 10 gifts for new mums:

1. Cinema and babysitting vouchers

For: Giving the parents a well-earned night off

What: Treat them to a night at the local flicks plus babysitting. Giving cinema vouchers ensures that they can go at a convenient time for them as it may take a while before they feel ready to leave the new addition in their lives.

From: Local cinema/supermarket

Price: £10 and upwards

2. Food hamper containing all the things she couldn’t eat when pregnant

For: The mum that felt like she was missing out on good things to eat and drink when she was pregnant.

What: Bottle of champagne/prosecco, blue/soft cheeses (add some crackers), tea (Pukka Teas have a good range and fun colourful packaging), cured meats (chorizo, etc.) and pâté.

From: Supermarket

Price: approx. £30

A wonderful gift for a new mum is to create a food hamper with all the thing she couldn't eat when she was pregnant | The Parent Express
3. Spa voucher

For: Giving the mum a bit of ‘me’ time

What: Finding time for yourself can be tricky once there is a little one in your life so give her the opportunity to unwind at her local spa. Vouchers mean she can choose to relax how she wishes, be it a massage, facial or a manicure. Leave baby with Dad for some one-on-one bonding time.

From: Local spa

Price: £20 and upwards

4. Make a box full of goodies

For: The breastfeeding mum. Breastfeeding is hard work in the early days. It can make you more thirsty and hungry than you ever thought possible.  Just as you settle down for a 50 minute feed you discover that the remote control is on the other side of the room, you forgot to top up your glass with water and there are no snacks within reach. Help out by making a box of treats that she can easily grab with one hand.

What: A good book, a trashy magazine, a reusable water bottle, a selection of fruit, nuts, chocolates, a DVD/boxset, a selection of herbal Pukka Teas (caffeine can only be drunk in moderation when breastfeeding) and some frozen meals from Cook (or make your own).

From: Various

Price: £0 – £50

Top 10 Gifts for a new mum
5. Magazine subscription

For: Keeping boredom at bay

What: Looking after a baby can get monotonous especially if it’s dreary weather outside and your friends are busy. Give the new mum something to keep her occupied and buy her a magazine subscription. Whether she likes keeping up to date with fashion (Vogue, Elle), current affairs (The Week, The Economist) or just loves a good nose at the celebs (OK!, Hello) there are a huge range of magazines to keep her interest. Just steer away from any magazine titles that contain the word ‘baby’.

From: Magazine

Price: £1 and upwards (dependent on magazine and length of subscription)

6. Personalised Montezuma chocolate bar

For : The chocoholic

What: A posh chocolate bar which you can personalise by choosing the chocolate bar (milk, dark, treacle tart, chilli & lime, etc.), the bar colour plus you can add a personalised message, perhaps with ‘For Emergencies’.

From: Montezuma

Price: £4.99

7. Neals Yard Remedies Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath

For: Recovering from childbirth

What: After giving birth, new mums can feel rather sore. This bath oil from Neals Yard contains arnica which is great for bruising and healing. It also contains lavender for relaxing so all in all a wonderful way to recover and soothe after childbirth.

From: Neal’s Yard Remedies

Price: £15.50

8. Philosophy’s 3 in 1 Showergels

For: Multitasking in the shower. When you are a new mum you are lucky to even have a shower, let alone wash your hair and do your make-up. Make that time in the shower count with this award-winning shower gel from Philosophy.

What: A 3 in 1 shower gel that gently cleanses, conditions and softens skin and hair meaning that the new mum can have a shower in record time. This range comes in a variety of scents. Our favourite is Amazing Grace which is a classic floral scent. Word of warning: Philosophy bottles look very similar and unhelpfully do not say ‘3 in 1’ anywhere on the packaging so ensure you pick the bottle that says ‘ Shampoo, bath and showergel’

From: You can buy Philosophy at most department stores however the best range of ‘3 in 1’ can be found at Feel Unique

Price: £19.00

9. Pyjama’s

For: Long cold nights

What: After 9 months of squeezing into an oversized baggy t-shirt, a brand new pair of pyjama’s (with a drawstring waist) is such a treat.  Particularly useful if the baby is born in winter as the new Mum is likely to be up in the small hours and will need something to keep her warm.

From: Try Anthropologie, The White Company, Boden, Fat Face, White Stuff, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

Price: £12.50 and upwards

10. Freezer meals

For: The mum that you suspect is surviving on Rice Krispies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make their day and rustle up a couple of meals for them to defrost and re-heat in the oven.

What: Anything that freezes well (lasagne, bolognese, chili con carne, fish pie)

From: Your kitchen or COOK

Price: £0 to £20

Other worthy contenders:
  • Homemade washing/ironing/cleaning vouchers to help with the household chores that fall by the wayside
  • Gift vouchers for a clothing store so the new mum can treat herself to some new clothes
  • Blow Dry Voucher (
  • Netflix Subscription (if they don’t already have one)
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