My daughter has several birthday parties coming up over the next couple of months so I have been busy searching for gifts. This time of the year I tend to bulk buy so I always have a few presents stashed away ready for the next party. I know, it doesn’t sound very personal, but it works. As I am not sure who I am buying for specifically, I tend to buy generic presents that would work for most kids. So whilst you won’t find any Paw Patrol toys in this list, you might find some fun and unique ideas.

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Here is a round-up of my Top 10 Presents for 5-year-olds that cost less than £10.

1.  Dinosaur Excavation Fossil Kit by MTS

For: The explorer

What: Use excavation tools to discover six glow in the dark dinosaurs hidden within three blocks. The digging kit also includes a chisel, a mallet and a dust cleaning brush. The only downside to this excellent excavation kit is that it does create dust so I suggest either doing it outside or on an oil cloth.

From: Amazon

Cost: £7.00

2. A Drawing A Day book by Usborne

For: Step by step creativity

What: An excellent book that gets used in our house at least once a week. Each page provides different instructions on how to draw something simple from animals and people to objects in manageable steps. The pages are all in colour. Overall a wonderful drawing aid for children and parents alike.

From: Amazon

Cost: £7.99

3. Mikado by Djeco

For: The steady hand

What: A classic game of skill that is easily understood and played by all. The game typically lasts five minutes. Also known as ‘Pick up Sticks’. Includes 41 coloured sticks plus instructions.

From: Tickety- Boo

Cost: £6.45

4. TiddlyWinks in Space by Wild and Wolf

For: A good old traditional game

What: Tiddlywinks with a space twist. This retro looking game is beautifully packaged in a box with magnetic closures that when open forms the game board. Simply aim the tiddlywinks at the planets and try and get the highest score.

From: Tickety-Boo

Cost: £5.49

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5. Enchanted Forest Observation Puzzle (100 pieces) by Djeco

For: Problem solvers

What: An enchanting observation puzzle themed around a magical forest. Once the 100 piece puzzle has been completed there is further fun to be had as you try to find the objects shown in the border within the main puzzle picture.

From: Tickety-Boo

Cost: £10.45 (Oops, OK, it’s a smidgen over a tenner)

6. Fingerprint Activities: Animals by Usborne

For: Messy, yet, contained painting

What: A spiral bound book with a brightly coloured inkpad with 7 colours. Each page is bursting with ideas on how to create fingerprint drawings of animals using just your finger and a pen.

From: Amazon

Cost: £6.99

7. Gouache Paint (36 cakes) by Djeco

For: Frustrated mini artists

What: Essentially paint but not as you know it. These gouache paints are similar to watercolours but more vivid in colour and heavier in texture, creating bright works of art. Includes 36 colours and a paintbrush. As these are reasonably priced at £7.79 you can also buy a painting pad and still keep the total cost under a tenner. A firm favourite in our house.

From: Tickety-Boo

Cost: £7.79

8. Flower beads by Breba

For: Easy jewellery making

What: A bestseller at Niddle Noddle, these supple plastic flower beads slot easily together to form bracelets, necklaces and crowns.

From: Niddle Noddle

Cost: £8.50

9. Sprint Ring by Arshiner

For: The active

What: A lightweight ring-shaped small frisbee. Perfect for young children to throw and catch. It’s made of durable, yet, soft non-toxic plastic so it’s safe for little ones if their aim is a bit off.  Great fun for summer days in the garden, park or at the beach.

From: Amazon

Cost: £6.99

10. Quoits by House of Marbles

For: A garden game for the whole family

What: An original English game where you have to throw different coloured rope hoops over pegs. It includes five pegs, five hoops which neatly fold down into its box when not in use.

From: Tickety-Boo

Cost: £9.94

Over to you

Do you have a particular gift that has gone down well with 5-year olds, that you would like to share?