I have kept mountains of my children’s artwork over the last five years.  I find artwork in various cupboards, cubbyholes and drawers throughout the house. The sentimental part of me just can’t part with them but realistically I can’t keep it all so it’s time to get organised. Here are my Top 10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork.

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Create an Artbox

My first step was to find a large box and every time the girls bring artwork home it gets put in the ArtBox. Putting all the artwork in a box means that my house remains relatively clutter free.

I have an Artbox per child which ensures that all artwork is kept together until I decide how to display, store or recycle it.

1. Clipboard Display Frames

Hang clipboards on the wall to display kids artwork | Top 10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork |
Buy several clipboards, hang them from the wall and use them to display your kid’s artwork. The great thing about clipboards is that it is easy to clip on the latest drawing (unlike standard picture frames).

Make sure you chose a clipboard that has a hook to hang on to the wall. I like these strong hardwood clipboards from Amazon as not only are they good value for money, but they would work well in any room. They cost £8.96 for five clipboards.

2. Art Display Frames

Use these art display frames to display kids artwork | Top 10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork | These art display frame from My L’il DaVinci are super convenient. They have a simple front-loading frame so it is easy to change the artwork. It also can hold up to 50 masterpieces using its clever spring-loaded system.

The kids will love having their drawings displayed as works of art and on a selfish note, it means my walls look smart and aren’t covered in Blu Tack. Available from Amazon in A4 or A3 in black or white, from £24.99.

3. Evernote/Dropbox

Take photos of all the kid’s artwork and store them on the Cloud, either using Dropbox or Evernote so that you always have a record of their masterpieces. I use Evernote and I have a different folder for each child. I tend to take photos of their artwork as soon as I get them so that the photos are then stored in chronological order. You are then free to throw away/recycle everything that has been photographed without feeling guilty.

4. Photobook

This idea takes the previous one a step further. Instead of simply storing photos of their artwork on the Cloud, take a selection of the best artwork and display them in a photobook. I am a big fan of Blurb. The photobook building software is easy to use and the quality of the books are excellent. They are currently offering 20% off your first photobook.

5. Collage

This another idea based on taking photos of your children’s artwork. Instead of displaying them in a photobook, you could turn the best images into a collage using a multi aperture photo frame.

These types of frames tend to be rather expensive, however, I found a 20 aperture photo frame from Picture Gallery on Ebay for £44.99 plus £7.95 shipping. If money is no object then check out The White Company’s incredible 52 aperture photo frame. You could have a photo for each week of the year. Although it would set you back £185.

Suggestions on how to display and store kids artwork. Suggestions include creating an artbox, making a mini washing line, using clipboards etc. | Top 10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork | The Parent Express
6. Mini Washing Line

I have strung up a mini washing line on a wall in my daughter’s room using jute twine and a couple of tacks. I found some colourful, miniature, wooden pegs which we use to pin up any drawings or photo’s that she is particularly proud of. I like to think of it as a memory line, a little reminder of the wonderful things she has created in her little life so far.

7. Large cork board

If you have the wall-space then invest in an extra large cork board. Any good artwork can be fast tracked past the art box and pinned directly to the corkboard for all to see. I found an extra large cork board (120cm x 90cm) from Office Furniture Online for £26 with free delivery.

8. Ring Binders/Boxes

Every three months empty the Artbox and move the artwork into a large ring binder. Label the side of each ring binder with your child’s name along with the year so that you always have a chronological record of their creations.

9. Record of Achievement

I bought a large spiral bound book from Paperchase in which we put everything my daughter is proud of. This could be anything from a great drawing, a ballet certificate to a photograph of her performing in the school play. We annotate each page with dates, additional notes and other little drawings.

10. Picture Frame

Standard framing is at the bottom of my list due to the faff involved in inserting a picture into a picture frame. I always end up with painful bits of metal being wedged between my nails and the nail bed. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. But I would make an exception for a truly amazing work of art.

So there we have it. I hope you found some ideas that work for you in the Top 10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork. As you can see I do a variety of the above.

The key for me is the creation of ArtBox. This way at least everything is together in one place. I try to display their favourite creations immediately and the rest I sift through every few months and put in a folder and sometimes if I am feeling particularly ruthless, the recycling bin.

Over to You

Do you have any better ways to display kids artwork that you think belong on this list? If so, please comment below and I’ll add it to my Top 10 if it’s a winner.

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