Looking for part-time work can sometimes feel like searching for The Holy Grail. Fortunately, companies seem to be finally cottoning on to the fact that there are some very capable women (and men) out there who want to work part-time and continue to further their careers.

According to a 2017 survey by POWWOWNOW, 58% of employees have been offered flexible working. Attitudes are gradually changing but we still have a long way to go. The fact that I am able to find ten websites that champion part-time work is really encouraging.

Here is a round-up of my Top 10 Websites for finding part-time work:

1. Working Mums

A fantastic community and job searching website for working mums. It has a top notch filtering functionality that allows you to search for a role based on sector, flexibility (home based, job share, term time only, school hours), salary, location and contract type. The website is also full of ideas for anyone that is looking to start a business or a franchise, plus it offers career advice, news and views. Large companies that hire through Working Mums include Virgin, John Lewis, Tesco, PWC and Vodafone.

2. Timewisejobs

Another great website with excellent filtering functionality in order to help you narrow down your job search.  Some large corporate employers hire through Timewise including Diago, Kellogg’s, Lloyds, EY (Ernst & Young) and Bank of England. The home page is full of tips and advice about flexible careers. I particularly like the part time salary calculator (can’t seem to shed the accountant in me).

3. Workpond

A recruitment agency that is an ‘advocate for an agile workforce’. Workpond liaise with businesses to ‘create specialist roles so they can deliver goals rather than combining a variety of projects and tasks so that they fill a full-time position’. They also hold regular career workshops.

4. Capability Jane

Capability Jane is a specialist recruitment agency that targets senior part-time and flexible working talent. Simply register, upload your CV and off you go. If you are just starting your job search and are yet to pull together your CV (which, let’s face it, is such a pain in the bum) then register anyway as you will be given access to tips and advice to aid your career search.

Looking for part-time work can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail. Fortunately, attitudes are changing and there are now some great companies and agencies that champion part-time work. See here for the Top 10 Websites for part-time work | The Parent Express

5. 2to3days

2to3days match employers with mothers who are looking for flexible working hours or part-time work. It is free to register and upload your CV. New jobs are posted every day.

6. Applydirect

Not specifically aimed at part-time work but a great way to avoid recruiters and deal directly with the employer. This means you can avoid the middleman and wow the employer directly with a witty introductory email. Employers that use Apply Direct include Paul and Fossil.

7. UKstartupjobs

Startup companies are the perfect place to begin your search for part-time work. Startups often don’t need full-time staff in the early days but do need a skilled part-timer to hit the ground running. Also, the satisfaction of being part of a new business and seeing it grow is particularly rewarding.

8. Ginibee

Perhaps you have the kind of role that really only works full time? In that case, have you ever thought about job-sharing? Ginibee specialises in job share roles. They can either help you find a job share role or help you find a person with whom to share your role. They offer support, guidance plus a Job Sharers’ Handbook for all new job sharers.

9. Redwigwam

Redwigwam specialises in temporary, part-time and flexible work. A good option if you can’t commit long term but need some money and want to avoid gaps in your CV. Hirers include Carlsberg, Tesco and The Collective (you know, that brand that makes those posh fruity yoghurts in large tubs).

10. Indeed

The world’s largest job site. Whilst the majority of roles are full time there is the ability to search for part time roles only. When I looked on Indeed, there were 37 part-times roles within my field no less than five miles away, which I thought was rather promising.

Over to you

Well, I don’t know about you, but after pulling together this list I am feeling positive that companies and recruitment agencies are becoming much more open to flexible working. Things are looking up. Let me know how you get on. I would love to hear some positive stories to inspire others.